Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hulk Hogan married his daughter's friend

The legendary star wrestling, Hulk Hogan , gave one of the best shots of his life: He married his girlfriend of 35 years, Jennifer McDaniel , who was a friend of his daughter Brooke .

Since divorced his former wife, Linda, the famed former wrestler of 57 years, was looking with attractive Jennifer McDaniel to any event you attended. But I never believed that the relationship between the two reach the altar. However, time took care to prove me wrong I was, as yesterday, Hogan and McDaniel went to the line of marriage.

The ceremony was held last night in Los Angeles. Expecting an intimate celebration, not paparazzi, but it did not. And because of this, an incident occurred between a photographer trying to take snapshots of the event and some employees who tried to stop it. Even had to call the police to restore order. Fortunately, in the end, things did not go to greater and, therefore, no one was arrested.

I can only say I hope that Hulk Hogan and his new wife are happy. Same for Lucy, she plans to marry next year with her boyfriend of 21 years, Charlie Hill.

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