Thursday, December 9, 2010

Justin Bieber superhero for MTV

Clean the face of Justin Bieber lends a little 'to everything, as to be printed on sheets and comforters, or to inspire a collection of figurines. But who knows how many fans would be curious to see their young idol in the role of a superhero, maybe Spiderman, or Superman?

The Editor of "" wanted to remove this whim, creating a series of five photomontages showing Bieber transformed into a superhero of Marvel. Here is Justin dressed up as Wolverine, the Hulk, and of course the most famous Spiderman and Superman. Images clearly ironic, of course, they will not bother the Canadian singer, who is probably still very passionate about comics.

Meanwhile, Justin's empire is expanding dramatically, and the birth of stickers with his image fully confirms this conclusion. And just recently it was revealed the design of fragrances signed Bieber, who will be available from early 2011.

The line of perfumes "My World" is composed of four different fragrances, Icon, Energy, and Web Tour, which will not be sold in bottles but incorporated some classic items such as medals and bracelets. An original idea that will have much success among the bebeerines so now that Justin may be available in many different ways.

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