Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, the stars will compete

The international stars appear to have their famous charge, between shadows and highlights. In recent months, someone had compared to Brenda Asnicar Miley Cyrus, for making videos and photos with such clothes in a limousine and with the same pose. Not going to tell you which of the two is the angel and the demon who, in any case Hollywood life has compiled a list of VIP in comparison.

At the top of the list are Taylor Swift and Taylor Momsen, the first delicate, elegant, angelic, lately is also experiencing a love affair with Jake Gyllenhall, while the second rant on TV in the morning, is made up and badly dressed. The first is much loved and appreciated by the public.

But is not the Swift the only angelic diva to triumph in its success not just white colleague. Think of two eternal rivals on TV, that Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty: For years, Kelly and Brenda have fought for the love of Dylan in "Beverly Hills 90210." Today, the former has a thriving career, is married to a star of "Twilight" and has a wonderful family, while the latter wrote a book recently, but apparently nobody has noticed.

Not to mention Angelina Jolie and Chelsea Handler: Brad Pitt's wife is now making his first film as director, is busy in voluntary humanitarian and do not talk to anyone ever in the press. Chelsea, however, the very last time she spoke ill of Angelina, apparently hitting only his best friend, Jennifer Aniston.

But in this gallery there is also for boys. Justin Bieber has earned points in the last period. Paradoxically, the growth of its success is due to quarrel with his mother, who has punished seizing the phone. This was the only flaw of the singer loved by little girls. Hopefully that will not change and become, like John Mayer, as defined by Hollywood life

An idiot who goes bragging sexual power, which no girl would go out.

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