Thursday, December 9, 2010

Katy perry adopts the surname of his husband

After marrying British comedian Russell Brand, the sexy singer has in mind to adopt the surname of his husband.

I did not expect that Katy stopped being Perry to become Brand. I will make it very difficult to separate those two names that made it so famous. Is to tell Katy Perry makes me forget for a moment she is married. Instead, begin to link their name with the name of Russell, will remember me forever, creating a huge frustration. What I can do? I like Katy Perry, and I do not mean to name.

"I've been calling Katy Brand informally from the day of the wedding, on October 23. People have been calling me "Mrs. Brand "for me to get used to my new name."

Well, I have no choice. From now on I will try and Katy gets used to this new name. It will be difficult, I know. But if she feels good getting rid of the sexy “Perry ", I also have to make an effort. To hell! For me it will always be Katy Perry, but his real name is Kathryn Hudson Perry.

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