Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lady GaGa sing in Spanish and Portuguese

We are always excited when a singer sings famous in our language, now will the controversial Lady GaGa, but records not only in Spanish, also in Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

What they were waiting, Lady Gaga record a track in Spanish for their next album due out in May 2011. How do we know? And Lady representative, Ralph Simon, made the announcement during an interview with EFE.

"Sing in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish , Portuguese and Hindi, and I want to record a version in Russian , Ralph said, adding that "Born This Way", will be available from February.

Ralph says that record in other languages will have more public: "If you can record one of your greatest successes in Russia next year, there are plenty of young people in Russia who will be happy to listen to Lady Gaga singing in Russian." "When we put the Russian fans say, Lady Gaga God thinks of Russia"

What do you think?

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