Thursday, December 9, 2010

Selena Gomez nominated for the Women's Image Network Awards

The famous and talented artist has been nominated as one of the best female images of the year through internet an award that deserves to win.

For me, Selena Gomez is a great example of how to get fame. There are many people who are very famous and that having so many fans, they feel untouchable, or think they are always going to be famous and so pedantic behave with others. However, Selena, despite his youth, has managed to behave very well in that world where egos are inflated to reach impressive dimensions, and the people of your age tend to succumb before the "charms" that fame given.

The Women's Image Network Awards 2011 (something like “awards to the image of women in the network ") has decided to include in the list of nominees, along with other great people like Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Aniston, which also, I have well deserved.

This award is in recognition of women who have helped to create a good public image of women through digital media, in addition to giving more value to women and girls. And do not think anyone doubts that fits you Selena is a great representative, because it has never been embroiled in scandals and always seems to be smiling and very courteous to others.

I sincerely hope that Selena is hit. And if any of the nominees also will be a great winner, if you give me the opportunity to choose, I choose to Selena.

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