Friday, December 3, 2010

Justin Bieber with a mustache here as Grammy celebrates

Justin Bieber is a really unusual that you show in your opening post. JBeebs last night was in fact did capture the output of a London restaurant with a mustache drawn over the mouth. An original way to celebrate the two nominees that the young singer won the Grammy Awards, the Oscars of the music?

Released by La Porte Des Indes Indian restaurant in London, Justin was presented next to his bodyguard with a mustache. According to the present, Bieber would also enjoy flying a toy helicopter that was to end right on the head of his giant bodyguard. After leaving the toy on the floor, then Justin has joked with the ever-present paparazzi, showing proudly fake hair on his face.

In Europe to promote his new work "My Acoustic Worlds," Bieber meantime you can enjoy the good news coming from the United States: The young singer has in fact received two Grammy nominations for best new artist and best pop interpretation. Justin from his Twitter account said he was "totally shocked" to the nomination and that he immediately heard the news because they had already gone to bed.

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