Saturday, December 4, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe gay? He does not care

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter is so fine, with that elegant taste, impeccable and always with those women's movements a little, everyone has always thought he was gay. But no, but does not bother to show it.

Of course, he just said that will miss his companion film Emma Watson, and although it seemed like a very nice thing to say, however, remained no doubt that Daniel was gay. Now he jokes about himself, says a friend:

Daniel does not matter if people think he's gay. The thought it was very funny when someone told him that the boys have to like because it has a face so gay. He went around asking his friends "think I have a gay face?”

It is not the first time that the former boy wizard is placed in front of the question. Already months ago he said about:

If people want to say, go ahead. But they are not. I'm straight. A boy on the Internet wrote: "Of course he's gay, has a face like a gay", which I thought was a strange thing to say. A face gay? It is a worrying thing as if you were sitting at home put a picture of me to compare with that of famous gay people.

Certainly keeps the typical English humor.

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