Saturday, December 4, 2010

Selena Gomez fairytale princess and Mexican singer

Selena Gomez as Cinderella. This is not a new movie, but a fashion shoot where Selena Gomez was called upon to reinterpret the fairy tale characters, Cinderella, Princess and the Pea, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. All the poses (and others of a film about a princess, played by Demi Lovato) can be seen in the gallery below.

Meanwhile, Selena is a veteran of the Spanish version of the video recording of "Un Ano Sin Lluvia," translation of "A Year without Rain." This is a special moment for Selena, a chance to talk with an open heart of her Mexican roots.

Selena said:

What inspired me were my roots, my family. In particular, I knew that my grandmother was very proud because he always wanted to sing in Spanish. I have Mexican roots and half Italian. I've been there many times in Mexico and have my family, although I was born and raised in Texas. My name is a very popular singer in Mexico and grew up studying his music and his life. The style is fresh and I still love her because she was very brave.

However, in the recording of the song Selena had many problems in stress, and fears of having done something wrong, so his family and disappointing her fans. Perhaps these are signs of modesty and small insecurities that make a character so loved.

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