Sunday, December 5, 2010

Botan tickets to Josh Duhamel

The actor refused to follow a simple rule, so it was removed from plane, generating a lot of delay and discomfort for other passengers.

Every time we travel in plane, So that everything goes well, we are bound by few rules, whether we like it or not, are for our own good. Or does someone want the plane suffer any damage? However, many people are not willing to abide by these rules as simple as turning off the fact blackberries before takeoff, do not, Josh?

Actor "Transformers” Which was flying from New York to Kentucky, would not turn off your blackberry despite repeatedly asked to do so. Even, they say, began to behave aggressively, causing the other passengers will be disappointed to travel with a person.

Duhamel laughed every time the assistant asked him to flight, please turn off your appliance. Until, at the third, plane left the runway and returned to the boarding area. There were up two police officers and forced to leave the ship.

Now, like to laugh a little, his agent said Josh not turns off your blackberry because I was writing a message that was to know the flight delay. What the delay in the same genre sure.

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