Sunday, December 5, 2010

Heidi Montag learns martial arts

After pleading ravine in terms financial, the singer tries to save any means. Therefore, she shall have it Security.

Sometimes, when money is tight, you have to find a thousand and one ways to save anything. For example, walk instead of taking the bus, or in any case, take the bus instead of traveling by taxi, and so on. Well, Heidi Montag walks in a similar situation: no money. And she, to save what little he has left, has decided to learn martial arts in order to avoid being paying a team Security to take care of it.

"As I can not afford Security I am practicing defense. I had to change my lifestyle. I can no longer be going to parties because I spend between 5 and 10 thousand dollars in one night, alone in the topic Security. In fact, that's where it has gone all the money I had, because to me, Security is most important. "

Poor Heidi Now she will have to start kicking the backsides of those who try to overdo it. What Spencer Pratt? Well, he could start taking some classes defend his wife, right? If not, Heidi Call me and I loved you defend. And only charge you with kisses for you to keep saving.

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