Sunday, December 5, 2010

Demi Lovato in legal trouble for assault

Do you remember the girl who Demi Lovato hit during the tour of Jonas Brothers for Latin America? It now wants to take legal action against the star of Disney.

Some time ago I did not write anything related to Demi Lovato. I thought the problem would be ending his life now is in rehabilitation, but it seems that in addition to their physical and emotional problems, have to deal with a complaint of assault, from Alex Welch, dancer to which Demi it dealt a severe coup in the face.

The fist Demi he ended up right on the cheek Alex, while both were part of the tour of Jonas Brothers. According to count, dancer have been talking about what he had done Demi overnight in a "wild party." Upon hearing that, Lovato attacked, leaving marked the cheek and the area around his left eye. After that, Demi had to leave the tour while Alex remained in the show.

That was in October, and apparently would not go higher, but now we have learned that a couple of months then Alex Welch, Also known as B-girl Shortly, met with the lawyer to keep Donald Karpel legal process. But Disney executives are still trying to convince her to fix things without the intervention of judicial actors. Will they succeed?

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