Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Ugly Betty" takes away from Michael Brea

The producers of “Ugly Betty” wonder why the series link to actor murderer of his own mother.

When I heard the horrible news that an actor had had beheaded his mother with a sword Samurai, I asked who it was and what I found was that it was Michael Brea, Whom everyone, including me, we note as an actor who had participated in the series "Ugly Betty". Well, it turns out that production that series does not want to be linked more with this frightening fact because, highlight, Michael Brea I was just a nicety.

Jim Nickas Second assistant director of the series has said: "He worked with us for two days during the filming of the first episode of the fourth season. We had 90 players working as extras on the first day and 70 the second. Some workers did so as a restaurant and others as clients. Then it is quite absurd that the media say 'Michael Brea, Actor Ugly Betty”.

We understand the outrage, but that is extra or not, as has been hired by them. Nobody is saying Michael Brea has killed his mother because he had acted in the series. All that is trying to do the cataloging Pitch as an actor "Ugly Betty” Was to give the public more information about the defendant, because, like it or not, was his most famous work.

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