Sunday, December 5, 2010

Selena Gomez requested by Max Ehrich

The young American actor does not hesitate for a second when asked about who would work in a film.

If I were asked who would work in a movie, I would say that Emma Watson. But if I specify the type film, i.e. comedy romantic, I think. However, Max Ehrich already have well thought out and chosen their candidate, who is nothing less than star Disney, Selena Gomez. Good choice.

"She is so funny and I think his humor and everything in general is fantastic. I just heard her song a few days ago and I've realized how talented he is, because it is a great singer. I love to sing with her. It would be great to act on its side, too. She is amazing. "

Well, it seems that Selena has a new fan. Who could not admire it? It's almost impossible not to resist his charms. I think that after having thought for a comedy Romantic also opt for Selena like a great option. Thanks for the idea Max! I owe you one.

Here is the video Interview:

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