Sunday, December 5, 2010

Presents improvement after 6 months

To the delight of his family and thousands of fans, the Argentine musician comes recovering, though slightly, according to the latest medical report.

After suffering a severe cerebro-vascular attack in Caracas, Venezuela, for six months and a half, which put him in a coma, the musical idol Argentina is showing improvement.

The last medical report Clinic the FTAA, in Buenos Aires, where it is being treated since Oct. 25, realizes that "The patient Gustavo Cerati is thermodynamically compensated, without complications or undercurrent today. Neurological features signs reaction to thermal stimuli by responding with gestures of 'withdrawal'. “It is true, that does not mean much, but it is a step we hope, very sincerely, to the extension in the coming days.

Gustavo has meant much to the Latin American rock is even considered a god among his most loyal fans, so you see it in these circumstances it is quite embarrassing. Yo, I enjoyed your music next Soda Stereo, or solo, I hope that everything that has happened no more than a simple obstacle, being defeated, only make Gustavo feel larger. Force Cerati!

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