Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Katy Perry, John Mayer and Russell Brand: the strange triangle

Do you know John Mayer? What he had an affair with Jennifer Aniston and then, or perhaps simultaneously, with Taylor Swift? That's right he was about to start any relationship with Katy Perry. Russell Brand did not arrive until, of course.

Things went like this: Katy and John exchanged text messages flirtation a couple of weeks that have never met personally. Until they got to know each other at the MTV VMA 2009, and continued to flirt, but live more successfully.

A friend of Mayer told E! Online:

They had never met in person and she had gone to meet him after a concert by Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden. To John she was sexy, funny and had got a crush. Flirted and were attached to each other that night at the bar, you really like.

That night was a lot together, danced, and everything was spinning in the right direction until it came on the scene Russell Brand. Who immediately appreciation to Katy, directly from the stage. Then she threw a bottle on his head and from there to a year here they are husband and wife.

Sometimes just a moment and everything changes. And maybe that's why Katy Perry is interested in Justin Bieber.

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