Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lady Gaga: against the new video "Do not Ask, Do not Tell"

Lady Gaga does not give up, especially when it comes to stand against homophobia and fight for human rights. That's why he decided to shoot a new video which expresses, once again, his thoughts about the U.S. law "Do not Ask, Do not Tell", which discriminates against gay men by prohibiting them from exercising their profession if they state sexual orientation.

This time Lady Gaga no salt in the pulpit and does not choose men's clothing, but recorded his monologue with his ever-present dark glasses and blonde bob. Sitting on the couch again lashes out against the discrimination of the American military, and especially against the widespread tendency to grow new generations with the concept.

Currently in this country is rampant social repression, as many of you know. Even the children were led to believe that it's OK to hate and condemn on the basis of our differences, and these recent horrific news of suicides are gay really the proof of our social repression that is, ultimately, the government crackdown that is killing our youth. We put an end to this law because it reinforces discrimination and is a bad example.

And while Stefani wants to get his words directly to the Senate, once again proves to have at heart the good of his country and to have the power to attract masses of young people, pushing them towards the ideals of equality and justice.

Here's the latest video from Lady Gaga placed on YouTube.

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