Friday, December 17, 2010

Lindsay Lohan threatened to Betty Ford

According to some sources at the clinic where the actress has been following the process of rehabilitation, she has been getting messages and calls from a menacing stalker.

The problems Lindsay Lohan 's still up in unexpected places. This time, as they have some people, the actress from "Mean Girls" has been being bullied by a stalker who sends text messages and calls to hurl threats to her and her family. Naturally, Lindsay , as anyone, has scared a lot and now has been moved to a safe, private place on the premises, because even among the many things that the bully has said, has been to know where exactly and always watching.

Poor Lindsay . If there are problems with drugs, alcohol or the press, are the bullies . Is it that you are prevented from living quiet this girl? You may have done whatever, but be intimidated in this way do not wish it on anyone. It must be terrifying.

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