Friday, December 17, 2010

Natalie Portman jealous of Mila Kunis

According to one source, the leading actress of " The black swan "would be a little uncomfortable with the attention that has gained another actress in the film , although secondary , Mila Kunis , within the critical.

Jealousies between colleagues will always exist, though many deny it. It is normal for me to be jealous of someone who would do better than us. The problem begins when we do not handle this jealousy and we seek to bring down the other person. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are actresses in the film " The Black Swan . " Natalie is the star, and as such it was expected great role to take her to be highly regarded among critics.

And in fact, has been, though not reached the dimensions Mila , who would even be voceada to win the Oscar next year, in the category of "Best Supporting Actress."

" Natalie was very confident in their performance in this film, but it is clear that she did not expect Mila generates such a topic of conversation in the Oscar , "said the source, but then adds:" Natalie knows that the category of 'Best Actress' is much more competitive, and that of 'Actress' is usually directed at a person unexpectedly, like Mila . "

Anyway. I think the jealousy he feels Natalie not fall squarely into the category of normal, but I hope they are not strong enough to trigger a fight between them. Each can earn an Oscar if you intend at any time. If this is not the time for Natalie , and will, do not worry.

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