Friday, December 3, 2010

The marathon erotic scene from "Dawn"

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart must be working hard to achieve one of the most complicated scenes new film the saga "Twilight“, “Dawn. Part 1“.

How much believe that the vampire Edward and his girlfriend Bella were in bed? No less than 12 hours! Can you imagine that? Well, all part of the recordings of erotic scenes from the movie "Dawn". And that still shoot two scenes are missing more than that. That is, by this precedent, a full day over Robert and Kristen in bed.

They say that the delay was not due to Robert or Kristen is all around athletes. At least no one has had that. What was supposed to be the cause of the long recording, it is because Robert is very careful Kristen when this kind of scenes. They say it does not make her feel uncomfortable and always looking for their welfare. All things considered the guy. A great example and a professional.

Although I believe that it must have been practicing this takes some time. And if you have not, because for the next, to avoid so late director could leave them "homework."

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