Friday, December 3, 2010

Justin Bieber: Video for "Pray"

The new song Justin Bieber, “Pray", And has video and here we showed.

When the singer "Baby” Say what was this song, we all realized that this was something completely different to what he had us used to hearing, because in his words, this song was written from the heart and what he wanted was to motivate the to give people that push to encourage those who need it.

However, once released the song, we found that yes, it was another Justin who sang these lyrics. Now, with the song and learned, get to see the video. And we have brought here to enjoy it as the same Justin did.

Please believe me, and then look it up yourself as one of the scenes video appears Justin playing with a cute girl and sharing with several other children. And how say Justin only has a heart for teens?

Here the video:

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