Friday, December 3, 2010

Rupert Grint, Emma Watson kisses "naturalness"

The actor who plays the character "Ron Weasley" in the saga Harry Potter Justify Fulltalks about the experience was kiss to Emma Watson and other things.

Again with the desire of wanting to be an actor. This time Rupert Grint is responsible for scrubbing the face to the wonderful experience kiss one of the most beautiful women in the world, at least according to me and probably many more. Anyway, best not to disown and show them what Rupert been told about that and more:

About kiss with "Hermione"" The kiss happened almost naturally. It was very delicate, a little strange, perhaps, but very, very sweet. It was just one, but we must do it in six shots. He was very good. Everything was easier after the first time. "

On coping with fame: "In the United States is a little crazy: people are more energetic, more screaming, and many things you want me to autograph. Once a tattoo autographed Daniel Emma and I in the arm of a much greater rate of approximately 40 years. Crazy, very strange. Besides it was not a very good tattoo say. "

Over the last film of Harry Potter” It felt like the last day of classes, Packing all my stuff in the clubhouse, all the old toys from when I was 11 years were there ... I underestimated how emotional it might be. We all cried. "

On his character "Ron"" I always felt a strong connection with him. I do not know if it was just a childish (laughs). It is quite possible that I have taken some of their features and we both have become a single person. "

Rupert I really like, but what I envy. Yes, I know that is not the first time kisses to Emma but I will try to forget those moments earlier to not feel so bad. However, the new movies Harry Potter I always remember him. Happily already finished (just missing the second part of the latter).

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