Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Melvin Cabrera surprise us in 2011

Having won over viewers with his performance in the soap opera 'Where is Elisa', where he played a gay character, Melvin Cabrera wants to continue to stand on soap operas now thanks to her performance in 'Aurora', the new Telemundo production , which certainly allows you to explore new aspects of his career such as music and dance.

It is for that that among the rest of the recordings of the telenovela is Venezuelan actor with intense singing and dancing that have a lot to do with the surprise that plans to give his followers in January 2011.

"I'm very happy with this new character, mostly because it gives me the opportunity to pick up on something that at some point I referred in my career that is music. The dance is a very important element in this story, and somehow I am helping to carry out what will be one of my next projects for 2011. "

Meanwhile, the heartthrob is still concentrated in the character of Ernesto, a young man passionate about music and dance that hides a big secret to be revealed when trigger major conflicts between the families of his best friend Lorenzo Lobos (Jorge Luis Pila).

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