Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Authorities denied irregularities in investigation into Ana Barbara

Still many unsolved questions about the accident that killed an elderly woman and involved the singer Ana Barbara in Cancun, although the Attorney-General reiterated that there were irregularities in the investigation process, which is still in progress.

The accident that killed Florentina Vasquez was due to the impact of the car where the singer was Mexican and his driver (turned-boyfriend after) has been fraught with contradictions from the start, as it ensures that Ana Barbara was the one who was driving in once the wizard.
The family of the deceased continues to report suspected irregularities in the process, which obviously favor the artist. The daughter of the victim names pointing to functions of the Public Prosecutor's hotel zone Milton Velasquez Hugo Gutierrez, Cancun.

For the moment, Ana Barbara has not issued more statements about it nor Jose Jaime Gomez, the alleged driver, and who at the time revealed that the singer was in love and had an affair with her. The accident comes amid the process of separating from her husband grupera The Pirru, who apparently was cheating and who was seen leaving an erotic massage center in the Mexican capital.

A few months ago, the program 'window', TV Azteca, said the driver Jose Jaime Gomez was willing to reveal all about money. He confessed that he had met Ana Barbara on a plane to Cancun, Mexico, in less than a month, already had a relationship.

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