Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reese Witherspoon recalls her worst date

We've all had good and bad dates . But many times, are bad we remember more for various reasons. And Reese shares his.

The famous actress Reese Witherspoon is currently paired with the agent Jim Toth. However, before you get to enjoy nice moments and certainly happy with it, also had to endure to meet men who invited her to come out, and that made possible "perfect evening" a complete and insufferable disaster .

"Once in a quoted blind, a guy started to correct grammar. I knew then, just ten minutes, that the appointment was over. Not even remember what it was that said. There are probably saying 'Is not' (vulgar to say 'not' in English) "is what counts Oscar-winning actress for her performance in" Walk the Line "(Walk the line), who continues counting its history, this time the part that tells us how he got out of the appointment : "I said: Do not correct my grammar. I'm from Tennessee, so probably everything you say is wrong. "

Is that who likes to be corrected, especially when speaking. Sometimes it is so frustrating. I have had to deal with people well, and I felt terribly boring. My worst date ? I do not want to know about it. In any case, tell it someday.

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