Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glee - Do not Stop Believing in The X Factor "

The song " Do not Stop Believing "is a hit, but now is performed by members of Glee , which has been much greater acceptance of it had.

For those who have no idea what " Glee "(although it is rare that they do not know) is a television series is a comedy musical, aired on Fox I must say that at first I thought it would be a total failure but I was surprised by the great reception it has had, and all are now famous .

Such is the reputation of actors and the series itself " Glee , "which are constantly invited to various programs ( even were invited to the White House Easter ), have now seen the program " Factor X " and have played the famous song by Don 't Stop Believing.

Great, I quite liked his presentation (also costumes) and especially the issue, it remains a classic.

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