Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne - Who the hell is Justin Bieber?!

Just the "vultures" by the favorite F words a real old rocker and replaces the sentence is already a sense. Must be an Ozzy Osbourne as Justin Bieber knows? No! Tthe can not know everything, just as it was also Justin, because although his most loyal fans in Germany live nunmal (my yarn ...) he could with the word "German" and nothing to start. I also am sure your favorites "Black Sabbath" and Co. can start anything. However, it creates the Pottschalk some commonality in the two provides.

While Ozzy Osbourne be glad to be that he even finds the way out of the studio, you have Justin Bieber always watch out when exactly, if anywhere near glass door is a.

That is not to sound mean, but the good Ozzy is welcome to really live. Sorry, a bit extreme, but if you turn all the good and sweet a feature of all Bieber into the exact opposite, then you get the Ozzy in its most blatant time. Opposites attract nunmal and I'm sure that Justin Bieber Ozzy Osbourne can still learn much good stuff...

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