Monday, December 13, 2010

Miley Cyrus condemned by anti-drug activists

Miley Cyrus is in the midst of a storm, but it does not seem to upset her so much. Read a psychedelic sage smoke from a bong, just the star of age is the subject of strong criticism by various anti-drug associations as well as by her father Billy Ray.

In the international gossip sites are not talking about anything but the latest scandal of the beautiful Miley, not just a bad example for fans and teenagers, but also case studies from some psychologists who insist that a theory have argued on other occasions: Cyrus does this to attract the attention of parents.

But is not everything, in fact, the singer is over in the crosshairs of anti-drug activists , who have strongly criticized after seeing the now famous video that depicts her smoking a hallucinogenic drug. The president of a Californian, for example, reiterated several times how he tried to ban salvia in the psychedelic state. Here's what Anthony Adams said:

You do incredibly silly things under the influence of salvia. Miley is a star and the boys are going to emulate his behavior. It's time for state and federal governments renew their push toward a total ban of this substance.

The sage used in this way, then, is a drug in effect, despite not yet been declared illegal. Miley, however, does not seem aware of the seriousness of his act: being unaware of the storm , or simply liege to duty and true professional, she presented herself as if nothing had happened to the evidence of "So Undercover" just after the movie spread .

We'll just go in some photos taken in Madrid recently, when she sparked some controversy because it found to be drinking alcohol.

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