Monday, December 13, 2010

Mark Wahlberg singular warning to Justin Bieber

Mark Wahlberg was just like a celebrity teen Justin Bieber in the early nineties, it was in fact one of the members, together with his brother Donnie's boy band New Kids on the Block and then became known as a solo rapper under the name of Marky Mark.

Today Wahlberg is one of the most important actors and producers in Hollywood and gave an unusual warning to the young Bieber .

Mark Wahlberg has come to the attention of Justin using his young daughter, obsessed with how many peers the new king of pop:

My daughter love it so much Justin wanted to meet him so I called and we met and he was really cute, but not that I listen to his music or anything like that.

As a young Mark has certainly been a model to follow, given that he spent some time in prison, but to a screening of his latest film "The Fighter" still wanted to have his say on the future of Justin Bieber , a warning is really particular:

Can do whatever he wants, just that it remains a good example. Otherwise, I will make a smutandata!

We were JBeebs such a warning by the redoubtable Mark Wahlberg certainly not underestimate it.

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