Monday, December 13, 2010

Ashley Greene will give a night without Joe Jonas

Incredible: for once Ashley Greene is not the ubiquitous partner with Joe Jonas. By now we thought that the two were in complete harmony, and instead this week Ashley was given a night with women.

Not that it has a particular meaning, the only relief to see that the two can live apart. It can also mean that they have entered a new phase of their relationship, where the desire to always be together gives way a little bit of autonomy.

Whatever the case, last Monday Ashley is back from Baton Rouge to Los Angeles for the filming of "Breaking Dawn." Joe was not with her as usual, maybe it was in her house on the West Coast, and Ashley went to his favorite pub with friends :

Ashley was at the Walks-on and could not be nicer. He was eating with his friends in a booth, but often goes in that restaurant. Ashley laughed and seemed to be enjoying it.

It seems that the pub-restaurant is also a favorite of another member of "Twilight", the same Kellan Lutz on which long ago was rumored he had a certain agreement with Greene, and now is back singles . But the source of Hollywood Life dampens immediately:

I've never been to the restaurant together.

Joe can sleep soundly

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