Saturday, December 18, 2010

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wanted to compensated for the wedding

Paris Hilton was now at the wedding of Nicole Richie invited or not? In any case, it was not answesend and justified their absence by shooting in Las Vegas.

Apparently it had received an invitation. Hmm funny only that Nicole Richie knows nothing about. The guest list was looking for the name of Paris Hilton in vain. Although they have spoken but her once so close friendship broke apart long ago.

The ratio of the two can be up to describe it as neutral. Certainly is her old friend Paris Hilton to the current life status envy, because Nicole has just what Paris always wanted and what is not the amount of money can buy for all. Personal happiness! A loving husband, two children and also have a serious image. Professionally, it has managed Nicole Richie! Her clothing collection "House of Harlow" is selling like hot cakes not only, but also earned plenty of praise.

Nicole during their luck with a fairytale wedding topped, Hilton turns the life of Paris continues in a circle and she turned again any trashy reality show for U.S. cable-TV. Really bitter! To compensate for this pre-lived happiness, Paris had to once again urge all to adopt an animal and attacked even in Las Vegas for her much-loved Chihuahua. Pets love nunmal bedingslos and the benefit to us descending from asterisk shameless.

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