Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our song for Germany - The big show colorful Lena!

This will be the big colorful Lena show and they are all with it. Stefan Raab, Matthias Opdenhovel, Sabine Heinrich, a fachkompotente jury and of course the incomparable, unique, super authentic, slamming LEEEENNNA! "Our song for Germany" is so awesome but we in Germany have broken so everything always talks.

At first we were happy that Lena the Eurovision Song Contest has won and then we have gotten us that they will occur once more and now is allowed to this event in a village still take place.

Nothing against the beautiful Rhine metropolis of Dusseldorf and their oh-so snotty KO because somewhere, the poor rich but her pelts "walkies" lead.

Muck but we are all just jealous, envious, and intolerant. Do we want our Lena treat about no second victory? Yes, yes, but between a musical and athletic competition there is in my opinion a big difference. More important than the victory but it is how to present them with such a European singing talent. Of course there only one Lena in Germany, but nevertheless there are lots of talents who deserve a chance.

Now it's first 12!! Plays Lena! That's right, in a total of three live shows us Miss Landrut of 12 songs will blare around the ears. So exciting is called "Our Song for Germany," a Lena, 12 songs and 3 shows, and the ARD / Prosieben moderator compromise "Heinrich Opdenhovel" may have presented the whole. Well yes it can again be fun right?

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