Saturday, December 18, 2010

Selena Gomez will not have scandals sexy photos

Many teen stars have trouble when their cell Mobile are stolen or get their photos and then hung out on the internet and everyone sees the pictures and are compromising but this will not happen with Selena Gomez.

So far I think we do not see photos where Selena Gomez go too 'hot' and people say 'oh my god it is not possible', but we have found photos Miley Cyrus and now Vanessa Hugdens Demi Lovato showing part of your chest.

Why do not we see pictures of this type Selena? It is not so naive to take these photos from your mobile: "The phones are for communication and I never put the position of having my privacy at risk ... There are many hackers these days"

Done right, you never know they can go to stop such photos and suddenly you see on the web, then the whole world is on you for being a celebrity.

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