Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rihanna betrayed by Matt Kemp?

It looks like a golden period for the personal life of singer Rihanna seems that the emotional situation with Mark Kemp goes very well, so that the singer would also be ready to have a child, on advice of newlyweds Katy Perry.

In addition, Rihanna , during this time, seems happy, so who wants to give a decided cut in the past, particularly in the affair that saw her involved in a violent history with Chris Brown, as required to declare in an interview and through social networks .

But really the story of Rare is intended to crown his dreams of love? It seems not, given that Gossip has caught her new boyfriend Matt Kemp in a club with another woman, a skinny girl trying to flee at the sight of photographers.

The girl fled on the advice of Kemp, who invited her to slip away after noticing the presence of paparazzi: possible that the young man is cheating and deceiving Rihanna? Given the proverbial bad luck in love for the singer, we hope that this is a mistake, but the video images are clear enough to Gossip.

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