Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal come out of the closet

As we announced just a few days ago, after Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal has knowledge of their families, here is a service that makes them officially out of the closet. U.S. Weekly on the photos of their romantic Thanksgiving.

The U.S. magazine shows them embracing while walking in Brooklyn and they probably really are in love and do not hide it at all. The photos date back to last weekend when Taylor, just back from the Road shows, has not even had time to unpack the suitcase that was immediately flown to New York.

Here he was waiting for Jake with open arms. The presented his sister, Maggie, herself an actress, among others, "Batman - The Dark Knight", and the mother. It's a source close to Taylor to say:

Jake invited her to New York. It was not planned in advance, but she said "Why not?” I can do and will do it. “His parents were not enthusiastic, but she explained that they always see them but could not spend much time with Jake for the promotional tour crazy.

The history between the two, in fact, at this point would go for 5 weeks, but the new couple is beautiful beyond the stage of mere flirtation. Especially that family is involved.
It seems that for Thanksgiving Taylor has even helped in the kitchen:

There was no diva attitude. He helped to cook and wash dishes. He seemed very interested in the family and made them a lot of questions.

Then back home where Taylor has also led to Jake from which the pictures of the cafeteria and the comment of the source are categorical:

She loves her family, and that he loves her. I do not know if Jake is the love of her life but right now it seems so.

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