Sunday, December 12, 2010

Second edition of the comic Justin Bieber

When fame developed the graphic novel of the singer, certainly not expected to be as successful. All copies sold! So now is about to launch a second edition in order to satisfy all fans Justin.

The comic series Fame, Which produces Blue waters Productions, has found Justin Bieber your goose that lays golden eggs. Is that it seems that everything that goes into something akin to the famous Canadian singer will end up being a resounding success? And theirs, Blue waters, have found. Is that after you exhaust the first comic they released a few months ago, now going to present another, with some things Swimming, to the delight of Believers who could not get the first book.

The theme will be the same as before, i.e., life will Justin Bieber since its inception, how it was growing in the music industry, they become so famous and admired by millions teens worldwide. This second edition will bring a new cover, extra material, and will go on sale in March 2011. They can be separated via Amazon the price? Only cost $ 7.99 a bargain.

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