Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chris Rock helps a pregnant woman

The famous comedian was shopping in a mall, when he saw a woman pregnant was having problems and decided to help by making use of what they're good: humor.

I always I have filled with nerves to see a woman pregnant. I do not know. Belly to see them 6 or 7 months I caused some strange reactions in the body. I do not know how I can deal with those feelings when I see my partner pregnant, but I hope soon taken away. So if I had been in place for Chris Rock That was how he broke the power of a woman in the commercial center, had run out.

However, Chris Rock did not do that. On the contrary, comedian dared to help women and soothe the nerves of the others present while waiting for the ambulance arrives. Surely the experience of having seen his wife pregnant made twice Rock, 45, remained calm and very willing to provide all necessary assistance in these times when most do not know how to react.

He took to entertain all the witnesses and the mother telling some funny anecdotes to prevent panic and despair seized them. Well done, Chris. You did your good deed for the day. Surely this will be good recompensed Christmas.

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