Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tips from Robin Williams to host the 2011 Oscar

Speaks the voice of experience actor Robin Williams gives some suggestions for the next hosts of the most important film gala, including fun.

It is quite usual fun advice to someone who is facing a daunting challenge. But we always need to tell us. Therefore, the talented actor Robin Williams, Who was the presenter of the Oscar in 1986, it reminds Anne Hathaway and James Franco, Hosts of next year's awards: "Just have fun with it."

But also Williams, 59, gave her a curious suggestion Franco in order to win the public: to appear without an arm, as it did in the film "127 Hours", in which, playing a mountaineer, he cut his arm when he was caught on a rock. "It would be interesting, because no one has a preconceived idea Franco. The audience at home will think that he is not 'funny', but if it comes with one arm, you may already be starting to gain sympathy. "

However, Robin Williams also warned not to abuse the humor, because people may take offense. It would be a 'made fun of him! How dare they make fun of Jude Law?! ".

And finally, Williams tops that if things go as they thought, "there is a bar in Oscar. Nobody knows that, but it is in the basement. Remember that! ".

It was the advice of any eminence, so you know Anne and James, to take them into account...

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