Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheryl Cole, the 11-hour tattoo

Singer Cheryl Cole has shown Tattoo at the National Television Awards, is a butterfly, but not just any butterfly, has a meaning and they are now explained. How long did it take the Tattoo? 11 hours.

I could not make me a Tattoo I’m scared to death just see the needles, but many people if it can even withstand 11 hours, as Cheryl Cole, Everything is to have a symbol's your 'freedom' after the break with Ashley Cole.

Apparently Cheryl designed it and had her new boyfriend, Derek Hough at his side most of the procedure. Cole told a friend who "The Tattoo is deeply personal and took several weeks with the final design ....”

As for what it symbolizes: "He has a strong symbolic meaning and signifies a new start and my new independence” Says Cheryl.

This must be very painful, but Cheryl wanted his Tattoo anyway, which took him 11 hours and did not cry: "The session was very painful, but I was determined to get it done at once. I did not cry even once! ".

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