Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taylor Swift has the perfect hair

According to a study by a pair of plastic surgeons, the hair of Taylor Swift is reflecting perfectly for most women. They have also found a number of physical attributes of some other celebrities that people find the best.

Surgeons Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer, based on what their patients considered ideal, have developed a list would be quite peculiar about a perfect woman, and, of course, the perfect man. Accordingly, both agree that many women are fascinated by the blond hair of the singer Taylor Swift Therefore consider the model perfect in this regard.

But as only hair is not the perfect woman, here are the parts that are needed to achieve it, with their respective representatives: Body perfect is to Gisele Bundchen, Natalie Portman's nose, lips of Scarlett Johansson and January Jones.

For men, the prototype of perfection is as follows: The body of Mark Wahlberg, Jude Law's nose, the eyes of Hugh Jackman, and hair Jon Hamm.

With these examples, anyone who had the money, right now would be a few surgeries. Although there is nothing perfect to love ourselves. Clear narcissistic excesses.

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