Sunday, January 30, 2011

Julio Nava, the most controversial contestant left the game Farm

The output of Julio Nava has been as controversial as it passes through the program. The contestant with direct and confrontational character was worthy of hatred, but also of great support by the public supporter of the Farm Tolima.

In the match against Benjamin Herrera, musician and producer were defeated. After facing a number of duels, the team finally the farmers achieved its goal, take the participants could be an obstacle between them and the grand prize of 300 million pesos. The player had been nominated for the Red team, building that was not in the best physical condition following his crash in testing immunity.

No one has been indifferent to the exit of July, several supporters of the program have expressed great joy at seeing the contestant out, but others do not accept his departure and do all sorts of conjectures, and even those who stay in July the program they knew little and would like to see him participating again in a reality show.

Although July is not the big winner of La Granja Tolima , their participation will be allowed not only gain in popularity and attract new admirers of his musical work.

July was the last player sent off in the team event, the game will be hereinafter individually.

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  1. Julio Nava is indeed the most controversial contestant in the game Farm. However, I think he'll look much better and he'll be more controversial if he undergoe cosmetic surgery. First thing he needs to do is get a nose job. :)