Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kate Hudson: "Matt is polite, kind and sweet"

Now everyone should know that Kate Hudson is expecting a baby next to the lead singer of the band Muse Matt Bellamy should also know that no plan to get married, but they get along very well, even Kate says Matt is educated, friendly and sweet.

She says the British rocker often corrects the English also has said that there is a difference between American kids and British children that includes the best manners and speaking skills:

"I never thought I would notice the difference, but there are many differences! "" He is very educated, friendly and so sweet. Is beautiful! I agree with Kate, Matt is beautiful, at least I think so and I think many of you also.

"Sometimes I have to correct," he admitted. "I say 'may', you know, 'I can take to ...?' And Matt I said it was "Could I have? Would it be possible if I could, ma'am? ". I have been corrected, yes! “Added Hudson.

Not Bellamy the only one laughing at the way he talks Kate Even his friends tease and joke: "and then I have a friend who lives in the UK, she likes to imitate me all the time."

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