Friday, January 21, 2011

Eminem "prepares new album?

Do you like the songs Eminem? I have good news if you like the songs, it seems that the famous rapper is preparing a new disk.

After releasing 'Recovery', could be that Eminem is working on another album and will soon overtake us, that says its producer Alex Da Kid, who also conducted duo Eminem Rihanna with 'Love The Way You Lie': "We're constantly working but will never know where the projects we are doing" "But we have great musical chemistry, so I would like to work together for the rest of my career"

"I think he's in a great position [he and Dr. Dre] may make music whenever they want "," No one tells them what to do, because they have been so successful, so it really depends on them, " Alex ended.

This news is good, is not it, I think, at least for fans Eminem should be great news, hopefully the surprise us with a couple of songs soon.

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