Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alyssa Milano: The premiere big baby bump!

Look, I'm pregnant! Alyssa Milano proudly presents her baby bump; it was not the red carpet of the pregnant mom, but the movie premiere of "Hallmark." This one quickly forgets the pictures, because Alyssa has really stolen the show. By the way, playing in the comedy and Christina Applegate and there was of course also on site. Maybe Alyssa has the "Soon-mommy" used their chance of us from the new mom got tips?

In any case, Mrs. Milano has its "Baby Surprise" very good getup (e) t. First she has a message on Twitter spread and only a few days later she shows up on a film premiere. Somewhere among the 50 roles while immersed in her name, but when "ousted" pregnant so they could finally play again the leading role on the red carpet...

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