Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two and Half Men: deposed Provisional - Charlie Sheen turns through completely!

The home rehabilitation of Charlie Sheen seems so good to run well not quite. Though he tries hard to the outside of the "Convert" and "understanding" to mimic, but his behavior simply speaks a different language. As happy he continues with his own private harem of "porn actress", "nurse" and "ex-wife." Let the Man Just have fun, because one may perhaps say. But with his current behavior, he even failed in the biggest fans.

Stupid, brash and just plain stupid - On what type of throne-seat anyway? It is time that someone really occurs in the ass. Sorry that I am here so upset and if you learn the reason, it is perhaps the crossroad you. Charlie Sheen via TMZ (now something like his second home) "Two and a Half Men" an open letter to the producers can publish and placed his hatred of Chuck Lorre expressed. Allegedly gave Chuck In the points of the series and brought him money. What?! Maybe Charlie should consider me, why did the shooting take a break.

Although he has arisen for a part of "salary sacrificing" (he pays end-thirds of the normal salary) of his colleagues, but without his crash, it would never come this far. In the letter, he also has Chuck Lorre as yet made, little man and half-strong pussy called stupid. His final statement, "You could the following alignment Lorre - It's mine!" Probably has the rest of his career, the "Two and Half Men" now up to another has been set.

The man gets almost 2 million dollars per episode and I would not let me such a behavior also offers:

"Based on the testimony of Charlie Sheen, his demeanor and behavior, and Warner Bros. have decided the CBS production of the remaining episodes of Two and Half Men" to set up another. "

Congratulations to Charlie Sheen! What have you failed with your coke and hookers scandals, you have now reached your big mouth. The preliminary end of "Two and Half Men", because under these conditions, it is not guaranteed to go...

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