Friday, February 11, 2011

Divorce boom in Hollywood: Which celebrity couple is still together?

Nothing is valid for eternity and this rule especially in the fast-paced Hollywood.

Today and tomorrow's top flop! Fresh on love to develop relations normal not work and the sad trend of inflationary celebrity divorce is probably partly certainly the wrong expectations.

Good or bad, black or white, hot or shit is the completely wrong idea, because the missing "and" here is what matters.

In good times and bad, between them are also "gray" times and the challenge is to get through this together without "standing" to stay. Coming together to acknowledge he something - Apparently the "ego-painted" stars so not ready for anything.

In a superficially "perfect" world where one's ass any grudge, it's probably very difficult interpersonal ever enter into no compromise. Meanwhile, you have to wonder already if it can withstand celebrity couples by 5 years together. Because of "irreconcilable" differences is a particularly popular phrase in our celebrity divorces. "They're just too stupid to argue ...." Says that Pottschalk. Maybe, it’s not all but certainly quite a lot. generalize how I want the theme then it is not, but felt legally has taken over in really every other celebrity pairing to pieces. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker, Scarlet Johansson & Ryan Reynolds - which looked at but always perfect like this and Ashlee Simpson Pete Wentz, I would have, despite all rumors crisis quite yet have believed a few years.

Suddenly, not Ashlee and his lifestyle and whether Pete clearly now selfishly just wanted to take his thing of course is not clear. For the separation, are both responsible for and can our celebrities before divorce in the future, they should simply instruct the Pottschalk times as a couple therapist. Strangely, even the stars are still together from which you can read most often separation rumors in the tabloids. Whether they are now married or living in sin makes no difference. After all, there are a couple of top celebrities who have been together for years and "still" are still happy:

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