Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Indira & Jay Khan is cooling love and wedding content!

In the jungle camp and wanted to Jay Khan at their best present Indira but this shot is the out break of Sarah thingy gone off with the back? Instead of disappearing in the well-deserved oblivion our jungle controversial couple is now double gas.

First they stood in separate interviews her affection and after their first public appearance after the couple jungle camp followed, then the inevitable common love interview on RTL.

While Jay Khan on an alliance for life hopes Indira whispers something about a strong and deep feeling.

The word "marriage" was not named explicitly but the "Alliance for Life" I interpret a time as a euphemism for a "double-closing" and that brings us back to the topic "marriage."

Indira Khan and Jay Crazy for (public) Love! Perhaps they are trying so open with their interviews the foundation for its own document-soap set to and for this "intention" has to be a truly clairvoyant. Pottschalk is certainly curious, because despite the "jungle-flop the two, at least the same" nerve-potential "as a German edition of Katie Price and Peter Andre.

What makes Sarah thingy? If it continues as "steady" remains, then Indira Khan and Jay will soon be passed by miles on it, because the pay just extremely hard-working public relations ....

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