Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The most colorful (Rihanna) images of the Brit Awards 2011!

Rihanna my goodness! Slowly, the Pottschalk really careful that he not the "mega-fan" mutated. Because some of their costumes of the Brit Awards in 2011 I have been fascinated. From sweet, to a petticoat sexy red roses dress, I am also quite willing to praise times. It does not everything look like crap, what Rihanna us as "stage outfit" as presented.

But before I sit here in a "eulogy" drift off, I must once again on the same "implied" come on back. Shit? Yes because they like "without pants" outfits I did not. Some how, thanks to cheap and Omis Hufthoschen also totally unsexy.

Because they can lie down with their consent poses more into stuff like the Pottschalk the times not at all.

The best fits somehow then but the "red" dress to Rihanna, for the petticoat could be said of her that she copied her girlfriend Katy Perry. So I end this picture-post again with a positive outlook. Has a little something of a red or Freihheitsstatue?

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