Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt packs the destructive fury

So we have Joseph Gordon-Levitt (30) never seen before - The smart "Inception" star with for his latest film "Hesh" tattoos, no shirt and a wild mane on his head and face what is if only for a strip?

A pretty good, you look at the first trailer, as these are a real drama with depth. TJ is 13 and has to cope with just the death of his mother. His father is himself entirely to the nerves at the end, and so he meets by chance on the destructive mobs end Hasher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who lives to spend his, and harm to others. For TJ, the long-haired metal head with the disturbed personality, but an important partner, through which he can give free rein to his aggression. TJ's life is complicated even more when he was in the shy cashier Nicole (played by Natalie Portman , 29) in love. But by his "friend" Hasher he can not expect help.

The rousing and moving story, last year at the Sundance festival very popular already received and is now in April in the U.S. cinemas come. A date for the Germany premiere there's not yet, but we hope that the emotional strip soon this country is run.

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