Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jennifer Hudson was sleeping in a jail cell?

Jennifer Hudson slept in a prison cell schottete, completely from her 18-month baby from old and turned almost completely through. What was going on here?

Do not worry! The singer and Oscar-winning actress was preparing their new movie so on. Pretty blatant methods! But Jennifer wants her character as believable as possible, embodies and was therefore locked up. Result, it had the opportunity to recreate exactly what Nelson Mandela ex-wife Winnie experienced when they spent 500 days in solitary confinement.

The American Newsweek has expressed towards them, that they are "something of the hell that woman go through these patterns, first-hand experience" would have. With so ambitious acting, the film so good again be worthy of an Oscar.

But not everyone is excited about the positive biopic about Winnie Mandela. For Nelson the movie itself would like to get it banned. According to Monsters & Critics, he should letter to the producers of the film have written degrading one: "It is difficult for me to understand how a production, the name of an individual with the, not that this has been questioned at all, ever the whole story about the life of this individual could adequately reflect ... "

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